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Street Knowledge Publishing
Street Knowledge Publishing
Street Knowledge Publishing
Our Mission
Our goal is to give our clients the tools and the knowledge to reach great sales and to be successful. We focus on critical and fast-breaking opportunities for publishers such as the transitioning to digital, adapting to new retail patterns, direct-to-consumer marketing, and increasing importance of library, academic, and non-traditional marketplace among others. Our online marketing team provides digital solutions that will position our titles and authors to ensure success.
What we Do?
We love using our unique approach to publishing and forward thinking marketing methods to help unknown authors with undiscovered potential reach their sales goals with the highest quality books.
How We Started
Street Knowledge Publishing was founded in November of 2003 when Joseph Jones, President and CEO, made a decision to leave the urban street game and use that knowledge and structure and apply it to the world of urban book publishing.While incarcerated Mr. Jones began laying the ground work for Street Knowledge Publishing, listening to never ending stories. Upon his release, Mr. Jones teamed up with a childhood friend and prison inmate, Leondrei Prince, who had written a series of black urban books while they were both incarcerated for drug trafficking. Leondrei Prince became the first author of SKP with Bloody Money, inspired by the writings of African American author Donald Goines, taking the book game by storm.
Why you choose our Company?
We believe your work is YOUR work. We are here only to help great script and books reach the light of day. The author or screenwriter should make the most money from any project. That's the way it should be! And that's the way we do business.

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